Breadboard PSU v3 5V & 3.3V Power Supply

$18.00 Inc. GST

This breadboard power supply packs the regulators, smoothing capacitors, and a power LED into a small board you can easily plug into any breadboard. Unlike some breadboard power supplies, this one sits in the “IC” well of the breadboard. This means it will fit any breadboard, and can provide two different voltages off the same DC input.

It provides easy access to the remaining pins of each row to connect it to any side power rails or any other wires which need to be hooked to either power or ground.

Shipped fully assembled, no soldering required. Just plug into your solderless bread board and start prototyping.


  • DC input: 9-12V DC (center-positive 2.1 barrel jack)
  • DC Output: Two fixed configuration outputs, 3.3 and 5V @ 800ma
  • A power indication LED
  • Protected against reverse polarity DC input
  • Outputs are not fused against overcurrent
  • All specifications subject to change



The PCB design and schematics are released under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike (BY-SA).

Designed and built in New Zealand, support local!

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