Cable Gland PG-9 size - 0.158" to 0.252" Cable Diameter - PG-9

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We have some great waterproof and weather-proof items in the shop, but once you have a project built, you'll want to enclose it. But how to keep an enclosure weather/waterproof while still attaching cables for power, data or sensors? That's where cable glands come in. By installing these over the cable, they form-fit to make a seal, keeping your project box innards safe from the outdoors.

This cable gland, the PG-9 size, is good for 0.158" - 0.252" diameter. This is one the most common sizes for power & data cables, be sure to measure them so you have the proper fit.


Revision History

  • As of Oct 20, 2014 Adafruit now sells this pre-assembled and with an o-ring

(Adafruit product 761)

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