Coax-Seal Hand Moldable Plastic Weatherproofing Tape

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This is the Coax-Seal Hand Moldable Plastic Weatherproofing Tape. Water and corrosion are the enemies of radio signals carried by wireless networks and radio and TV antennas. Moisture leads to inefficient physical connections and a noisy line. Corrosion results in the destruction of the line's ability to carry signals. In higher frequencies, UHF, VHF and microwave ranges, water contamination causes losses that look like dead shorts. For amateur radio buffs, water contamination causes a significant change in SWR. Once corrosion starts, there is no way to stop it. Poor radiation patterns result and antenna efficiency drops. The simple and inexpensive solution is to seal all of your connections with Coax-Seal for years of protection from moisture and corrosion!


  • Easily applied, hand-moldable, tacky black plastic mastic, on peel-away paper backing, suitable for waterproofing a wide variety of connections
  • Adheres to vinyl and PVC outer jackets
  • Product is non-conductive, non-contaminating and non-toxic, and UV-stable
  • Effective Moisture-Proofing
  • Provides years of protection
  • Hand moldable - stays flexible at extreme temperatures
  • Forms easily to odd shaped connectors
  • Non-conductive - a must for all outdoor Coax connections


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