DFRobot ECell: Breadboard Plugin Components Pack

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This is the ECell Breadboard-Plugin Components Pack, designed by Maker LeoYan and products by DFRobot. The ECell is a new kit designed for a simple entry to breadboard experimentation and education. It provides many kinds of components, such as resistors, capacitors, diodes, transistors etc. in a easy to recognise and use form factor. The module pins are gold plated, solid and durable. Each can be plugged directly into a breadboard easily, reliable and are highly reusable which can often be difficult with standard through hole components.

This new innovative approach is designed to solve the following issues;

  • Traditional resistors can be hard to read the value (color codes)
  • Deformations of the pin after use making components non-reusable
  • Transistor packages etc. where the pin diameter or spacing is too thin or too thick for use with a breadboard
  • Eliminate confusion over the order of transistor package pins
  • Reduce the clutter by requiring less jumper wires


  • Easy to Recognize : Resistance value, capacitance values, positive/negative polaron and pin functions are clearly marked
  • Easy to Learn : The circuit symbol is clearly visible, directly matching the circuit diagram
  • Easy to Use : Direct-plug pin
  • Easy to Plug/unplug : The 0.64mm diametral pin matches the breadboard hole perfectly
  • High-Reliability : ENIG technology, the circuit connection is reliable and durable
  • Environmently-Friendly : Reusable and Environmently-friendly


  • Resistor: 220R,1K,4.7K,10K
  • Capacitor: 22pF@50V,100nF(0.1uF)@50V,47uF@10V
  • LED: Red, Yellow, Blue, Green
  • Diode: If=1A, Vfm=0.7V, Vr=40V
  • Transistor-NPN: Vceo=45V, Ic=500mA, hFE=400
  • Transistor-PNP: Vceo=-45V, Ic=-500mA, hFE=400


Shipping List

  • Resistor 220R x4
  • Resistor 1K x4
  • Resistor 4.7K x4
  • Resistor 10K x4
  • Capacitor 22pF x2
  • Capacitor 100nF x2
  • Capacitor 47uF x2
  • LED--R x2
  • LED--Y x2
  • LED--B x2
  • LED--G x2
  • Diode x4
  • NPN transistor x2
  • PNP transistor x2
  • Breadboard PluginConnector x2

Note: Breadboard not included.

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