Edison Robot v2.0

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At last educational robotics at a price your school can afford! Want to blow your student’s minds with educational robotics and see levels of learning and engagement that are off the charts? Look no further… Meet Edison!

Teaching robotics can’t get any better…

  • Affordable : NZ$70 each and just NZ$60 each for a full class set
  • Programmable : FREE programming apps for PC, Mac, iOS, Android and Chrome
  • Easy to use : Six pre-programmed robot activities set by barcodes
  • LEGO compatible : Modular and easily expandable with LEGO bricks
  • Robotics lesson plans : 10 FREE robotics lesson plans with worksheets and activity sheets
  • Built to last : Tough enough to be driven over by a car – See our video for proof!

Edison can sense and control the world

Edison is well equipped with sensors and actuators for teaching educational robotics.

Robot sensors

  • Left and right infrared obstacle detection – Navigate through a maze and avoid collisions
  • Left and right light sensors – Follow a torch/flash light or find a dark corner
  • Clap detector – Sense load sounds such as claps to control driving
  • Line tracking sensor – follow lines and stay within borders

Lights, sound and action

  • Left and right red LED lights – Flash the LED lights to add a cool look
  • Buzzer – Gives sound feedback and can play musical notes
  • Two motors with encoders – Drive Edison or use the LEGO cross axles to power a new invention

Robot communications

  • Infrared receiver – Remote control from a standard TV/DVD remote control
  • Infrared LEDs – Transmit messages and control commands to another Edison robot
  • Infrared receiver – Receive messages and control commands from another Edison robot

Multifunction line tracking sensor

Edison’s line tracking sensor has three functions:

  1. Detect lines – Contrast between black and white surfaces
  2. Read barcodes that activate pre-programmed functions
  3. Receive the programming signal from EdWare via the EdComm cable

LEGO compatibility

Edison has been designed as a modular robotics system that is easily expandable using LEGO bricks.

Edison has LEGO compatible studs across the top, bottom and sides. The wheels can be removed and LEGO cross axles can be inserted to create new inventions.

Two or more Edisons can be connected together. For example, to create a LEGO brick digger, where the bottom Edison becomes the wheel driving mechanism and the top Edison controls the bucket tipper.

New inventions are only limited by your student’s imagination!

LEGO is a registered trademark of The LEGO Group.

10 Educational Robotics Lesson Plans

Getting your class started with the educational robotics is easy with these 10 FREE Educational Robotics Lesson Plans.

The complete document is 66 pages and includes 36 student Worksheets, 5 Activity sheets, a student achievement chart and a student award certificate. The worksheets and activity sheets allow students to study independently and learn at their own pace.

10 Educational Robotics Plans

Lesson 1: Get familiar and set up
Lesson 2: Robot movement – Driving
Lesson 3: Robot movement – Turning
Lesson 4: Maze challenge and Mexican wave
Lesson 5: Design brief 1 – My Program
Lesson 6: Clap sensing
Lesson 7: Detect obstacles
Lesson 8: Line sensing and tracking
Lesson 9: Respond to light
Lesson 10: Design brief 2 – My Program

Learn more about our robotics lesson plans or download the 10 Robotics Lesson Plans pdf document.

Educational Robotics Programming Software

Edison can be programmed from a growing number of FREE software applications.

EdWare – Graphical based robot programming software

EdWare is graphical programming software that makes teaching educational robotics a breeze! Using drag and drop graphical icons robot programming is easy to learn and great fun! EdWare is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS (iPad) and Android. EdWare is FREE to download or use online.

This easy to use drag and drop graphical programming language uses CONTROL, READ, DATA and FLOW instructions that are linked together in a logical flowchart style.

Advanced programming is just a mouse click away – up to 5,000 command icons can be used in a single program (Edison V2.0). Sophisticated programs using 16-bit maths and event interrupts can also control one Edison, or several Edisons operating together.

Programs are downloaded using the supplied EdComm cable. The EdComm cable connects to the headphone jack of your computer or tablet and uses a stream of pulse encoded audio to program Edison.

EdWare is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS (iPad), Android and Chrome and as an online app at www.EdWareApp.com. EdWare for the Edison robot is FREE to download and use.

EdPy – Python based robot programming software

EdPy makes text-based programming fun, as students can see their code come to life in their Edison robot.

Python is easy to learn, has high readability and is very popular. The popularity of Python can’t be underestimated. With Python, students are learning a real life programming language, and they can apply what they learn as part of a professional career.

The EdPy programming environment has a range of features that help students to learn texted-based programming. These include:

  • Line help – An English interpretation of lines of code
  • Autocomplete – Start typing code and matching options start to appear
  • Popup help – As you type a help box appears with a description of the code
  • Help text and examples – Help text and examples right there on the screen

EdPy is a FREE web and Chrome app (coming soon). Check it out here www.edpyapp.com

EdBlocks – Graphical based robot programming software for junior primary students (coming soon)

EdBlocks makes programming super easy for younger students with drag and drop graphical icons that click into place.

Using a single programming block a student can program Edison to follow a line, drive for a set time or send a message to another Edison.

EdBlocks is based on a convergence of Scratch and Blockly by MIT and Google. The release of EdBlocks is expected before the end of 2016 and will be a FREE web and Chrome app. Android and iPad versions will follow in early 2017.

Simple downloading from any device with the EdComm cable

Each Edison comes with an EdComm cable for downloading programs into Edison.

The EdComm cable is simple to set up as it doesn’t require any driver software to be installed and is compatible with any device that has a headphone jack. This allows Edison to be programmed from devices that don’t have USB ports, such as iPads.

More free educational robotics resources available for download

There are three FREE to download EdBooks that introduce educational robotics. Each EdBook is fully illustrated and takes students through the three main concepts of controlling, programming and building robots. In addition, an A1 size educational robotics activity mat is free to download.

EdBook1 Your EdVenture into Educational Robotics – You’re a controller

Educational robotics with Edison, and no programming required! Edison can read special barcodes in the book that activate pre-programmed features, such as line following, obstacle avoidance, sumo wrestling and much more.

Download EdBook1 pdf

EdBook2 Your EdVenture into Educational Robotics – You’re a Programmer

Students learn even more about robotics by programming Edison themselves! They learn how to write their own robot controlling programs using EdWare’s easy to use drag and drop graphical programming software.

Download EdBook2 pdf

EdBook3 Your EdVenture into Educational Robotics – You’re a Builder

Get building with your Edisons and the LEGO Compact Tracked Loader (set 42032 available for just $20 to $25). Learn how to combine two Edison robots to build larger robots and inventions using LEGO parts.

Download EdBook3 pdf

EdMat educational robotics activity mat

The EdMat is an A1 size (59cm x 84cm) (23.2in x 33.1in) educational robotics activity mat that can be printed at your local print shop.

The EdMat has 6 barcodes that activate Edison’s pre-programmed features and a track for Edison to follow. The track can also be used for ‘bounce in borders’ and ‘sumo wrestling’. There are two versions colour and black and white.

Download colour EdMat | Download black & white EdMat

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