Energy Monitor Shield V2

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Energy Monitor Shield V2 is Arduino-compatible expansion card designed for building energy monitoring system with the ability to connect I2C OLED-display and built-in wireless transceiver nRF24L01 +. Unlike version 1, has on-board interface phototransistor to read data from the built-in LEDs of different counters and interface RS485.


  • Connecting one sensors  AC (30-100A)
  • Support I2C OLED-display 
  • Terminal for connecting the phototransistor VTT7122H
  • Interface RS485
  • Two buttons to control (enabled one analog pin)
  • Transceiver for 2.4G nRF24L01 + soldered on the motherboard
  • GROVE-compatible connector: I2C
  • Fully compatible with  Ethernet Shield  (Wiznet 5200 + SD)

Part List

  • Energy Monitor Shield V2 P1 X 1


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