Jabra 9470 Wireless Headset

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Switch seamlessly between mobile, desk and softphone with the Jabra 9470 Wireless Headset, a wireless headset that enables employees to take calls from their mobile, desk and softphone all with one headset.

The PRO 9470 Mono offers the ultimate in connectivity. Specifically designed for executives, managers and other professionals, this headset enables employees to connect with their mobile, desk and softphone, simultaneously. The dual microphone features Noise Blackout technology, which filters out background noise for clearer, more professional conversations.



  • Wireless Technology:
    • Supports the DECT (digital enhanced cordless telephony) 1.9 standard wireless technology. Wireless DECT standards vary depending on local legislation. Jabra DECT wireless headsets cover the most recognized DECT standards including European standard DECT and US DECT 6.0. If in doubt, check with your Jabra contact if you are using the correct standard.
    • Supports Bluetooth™ for wireless connectivity
  • Talk Range (meters): Up to 135 m - Talk range defines how far away you can be from the headset base / phone and still be connected and carry on a conversation.
  • Talk Range (feet): Up to 450 ftTalk range defines how far away you can be from the headset base and still be connected and carry on a conversation
  • Unified Communication: Yes - The device is fit for Unified Communications
  • Operating System: Windows - This device supports Microsoft Windows
  • Connectivity:
    • Direct connect to desk phone
    • This device is connected via USB
  • Conference call capacity: 4 - Up to 4 headsets can be joined to one base at the same time for conferencing call purposes
  • Usage:
    • Connects to a PC and can be used to stream music/sound and for voice calls
    • Works with mobile phones
    • Designed to optimize the experience of using a Unified Communications client
    • Works with traditional desk phones
  • Control Center: Yes - Control Center enables you to manage all of your devices directly from Jabra PC Suite, enabling greater control and mass deployment


  • Frequency Response: Narrowband|Wideband - Frequency Response describes the range of frequencies a speaker can produce, measured in Hertz
  • Noise Protection:
    • EU Noise at Work Compliance - Enhanced audio protection ensuring maximum benefit while ensuring a safe listening level
    • Protectionlevel 2
    • AustralianTT4
    • Peakstop™ - Eliminates potentially harmful sound spikes
    • Noise blackout
    • Protectionlevel 4
    • Protectionlevel 3
    • Protectionlevel 1
  • Digital Signal Processing: Yes - Digital Signal Processing (DSP) is a technology that digitally optimizes your voice and music and suppresses echoes
  • Listening Mode: One ear - Offers mono sound through one speaker
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