Kakapo AVR XMEGA Development Board Arduino Compatible Form Factor

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Kakapo is a Atmel AVR XMEGA development board, Arduino style. The board features automatic reset and is loaded with a bootloader so you can upload code with only software and a USB cable, rather than needing a special programming kit. The headers are similar to the Arduino Uno R3, with only a few differences in their features. A great way to get started with the XMEGA family of microcontrollers or to get experience programming on the "bare metal" rather than through the Arduino IDE.

No only do you get a great quality development board but there's also some boilerplate drivers to help you get started in the world of AVR XMEGA. libkakapo provides a set for basic features of most peripherals available. It’s not intended to cover every possible usage or situation, instead the goal is to provide enough so you aren’t stuck writing your own just to do something similar, while providing a well-commented basis to write your own or extend.

There's also a good amount of documentation available on the Kakapo's home page including a quick start guide, FAQ and more.

Hardware Specifications

  • 30 IO pins on user-accessible headers
    • 29 Digital capable, 12 feature PWM
    • 12 Analog capable including 2 analog reference pins
    • 2 USARTS (1 tied to USB bridge)
    • 2 SPI interfaces
    • 2 TWI interfaces
  • 2 user LEDs (not shared with IO headers); PWM capable
  • 1 power LED, 1 USB activity LED
  • 32.768kHz watch crystal supporting Real Time Clock
  • USB or DC powered
    • Automatic selection; favours DC when both connected
    • No cross-conduct when both sources connected
    • No reverse-conduct when only one source connected
    • USB input 5V
    • DC input 9-12V; JST 2-pin, reverse polarity protected
    • 500mA maximum 5V rail from either source
  • MCU: Atmel AVR XMEGA 64D4
    • 64kB flash + 4kB bootloader; 4kB SRAM
    • 32MHz maximum CPU frequency
    • IO voltage: 3.3V max (not 5V tolerant); except AREF (2.7V max)
    • Bootloader pre-installed (AVR109 compatible)
  • USB Bridge: FTDI FT230X
    • USB mini-B connector
    • Tied to separate USART from traditional shield USART pins
    • Powered exclusively from USB; disconnecting USB releases IO header pins
    • USB side ESD protected
    • Automatic MCU reset via RTS

Kit includes a USB to mini USB cable so you can get programming right away. Note that while the board is in an Arduino shield compatible layout, the Kapapo doesn't work with the original unmodified Arduino IDE. If you would like to use it as a gateway into programming more closely to the bare metal (as it is intended) then libkakapo is a great option. There's also a fork of the Arduino IDE which is modified for use with the XMEGA series.



Hardware Source


Kakapo original documentation, schematics, and PCB layout is provided under the Creative Commons New Zealand 3.0 Share-alike Attribution license. Copyright 2009-2014 David Zanetti.

libkakapo, and related examples, are provided under the GNU General Public License verison 2. Copyright 2009-2014 David Zanetti.

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