MAC ProtoShield Use an official MAC Address for your Arduino

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Arduino projects connected to the Internet are fantastic fun but there are a couple of problems with the standard Arduino Ethernet Shields, one is that they don't come with a MAC address, leaving you with the problem of how to create one. Another, when you try and stack a shield on top the RJ45 jack always gets in the way.

We designed this handy Arduino Shield, the MAC ProtoShield to solve these issues. Firstly, because of it's odd shape, it won't get in the way of the RJ45 jack, secondly it's got a great little EEPROM chip on board which contains an official MAC address ready for you to use. Just use the sample code we provide to read the MAC address over I2C and you'll never again have to worry about made up addresses conflicting.

It works fantastically with the Freetronics EtherTen (that's our board of choice here), it's even shaped especially so you can install the Freetronics 802.3af PoE module


  • Includes an I2C connected 2Kb EEPROM with built in Ethernet MAC address and pull up resistors.
  • Arduino "r3" pin layout compatible.
  • Specially designed shape to not only clear the large RJ45 Jack but also to allow an 802.3af PoE module to be installed on the Freetronics EtherTen.
  • Top and bottom labels so you know what's what.
  • Mounting pads for "reset" button wired through to Arduino reset line.
  • Clearly marked GND and 5V rails beside the small prototyping area.
  • Rounded corners
  • Open Source Hardware (OSHW)


Note that the MAC ProtoShield comes without the EtherTen and PoE module. It hasn't got any extra parts at all: no headers, no reset button. Just a bare PCB, ready for you to fit whatever headers and other parts you want. We suggest Stackable Headers so you can stack other shields on top.

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