Motorola HTPC Remote RF+IR, Keyboard, Designed for XBMC

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With the Motorola Nyxboard Hybrid HTPC Remote from Pulse-Eight you get the best of both worlds; the simplicity of a remote with the productivity of a keyboard. Type freely on the built in keyboard without fear of changing the channel due to it's built in tilt-sensor.

This is the first remote in the world designed for XBMC! It works straight out of the box; just connect the remote and all the keys will be instantly recognised. It runs on almost everything out the box, including Linux, Windows, Mac and Apple TV's (First generation). Easily configurable for your favorite HTPC platform if XBMC isn't your first preference.

Because it's based on RF (Radio Frequency), you can hide away your electronics and show off your style, no line of sight is needed so you can control your media centre through closed cabinet doors. Setup is simple and no fuss, no drivers or installation software is required, just plug-in and go. As a universal remote, the XBMC Remote can control your TV, DVD Player, Blu-Ray Player and/or Amplifier thanks to the built in programmable IR (InfraRed).

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  1. Note that these require a full 500mA supply from your computers USB port, if they don't have this then you may see reduced range. See here for more details;
  2. The forum post has been updated now and suggest there is a receiver issue and Pulse Eight are waiting on info from Motorola.

    I've been testing one here on our home system and have around 8-10m range so it certainly isn't effecting all remotes.
  3. Please note: The stock we have now (March 2012) is a new revision which fixes any issues with the original units.
  4. I've posted a longer review here :-

    But the tl;dr version is ... great product, just right for using with XBMC! I found that I'd been under-utilising XBMC features like search and playlists because the on-screen keyboard was a bit too clunky; this remote fixes that problem simply & easily.

    It isn't a general-purpose keyboard, so don't confuse it with the ProMini and bigger Logitech devices; it is however very well suited for the more limited input that media centres need.

  5. Hi Jim,

    Thanks very much for your review and posting a link to it. I'm sure it will be useful for others to see what you think of it.


  6. Hi there

    Are you still able to supply this remote?

    Thanks and kind regards

  7. Pending moderation
  8. Unfortunately not Craig, it's been retired for quite a while.

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