OrBlink Kit An USB RGB LED Orb

$30.00 Inc. GST

The OrBlink is another nice creation. An open source USB controlled RGB LED inside a small plastic orb.

Supplied as a kit with everything you need, it requires some easy through hole soldering. With only 10 components it's a great way to learn soldering and end up with a fun useful product at the end.

Based on the Atmel ATTiny85 running code based on V-USB, the kit comes with a preprogrammed chip with the latest firmware. All you need to do is put it together, plug it in and go.

As the OrBlink identifies itself as an HID device there are no drivers needed for all major operating systems (Linux/Mac/Windows). There are loads of great uses for an USB connected RGB LED, use it to notify you of email INBOX levels, whether your computer (or server farm) is healthy or using maximum CPU, weather, home automation, the list goes on. Use one so your kids know when they are allowed to get out of bed in the morning!

There are a few other very similar products around created recently all based on the same basic hardware and principle, most of them are based on the same source code too. We think ours is neat since we made it of course, and it comes in a neat little Orb which looks great sitting on a table.

Kit Contents

  • 1 x Small (8cm) opaque plastic orb
  • 1 x Custom PCB to fit inside the orb
  • 1 x Pre-programmed ATTiny85 micro controller
  • 1 x DIP Socket to hold the micro controller
  • 1 x USB cable
  • 1 x RGB LED
  • 2 x Zener Diodes
  • 6 x Resistors

Our simple build instructions are available here with pictures to follow through.

The hardware design files, firmware, C command line code and Python code to run on your PC are available on GitHub here.

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  1. This is a great little kit! Especially for the price.
    However, I wanted to use it on a Windows 7 64 bit machine.
    This is how I got the reference Python script to run as a .exe from the Windows command line.

    I did the compiling on a 32 bit Win XP virtual machine for greatest compatibility.
    The resulting .exe runs happily on a Win XP, Win7 64 bit and a Win 8 64 bit machine.

    To Compile Reference Python Script:

    Download msi package and install.
    Add C:\Python27\ to system path.

    Download, unzip, copy USB dir to C:\Python27\Lib\

    Download, unzip, copy webcolors.py to C:\Python27\Lib\

    Download, install.

    Copy OrBlink python script to c:\Python27\

    Create file 'c:\python27\compile.py' in text editor with...

    from distutils.core import setup
    import py2exe
    opts = {
    'py2exe': {
    'compressed': 1,
    'optimize': 2,
    'bundle_files': 1
    setup(console=[c:\python27\orblink], options=opts, zipfile=None)

    From cmd prompt run...
    python compile.py py2exe

    Exe will be created c:\dist\OrBlink.exe
    Support files will be c:\dist\w9xpopen.exe

    To Use Program:

    Plug OrBlink into USB port.


    Select Options/List All Devices
    Select OrBlink
    Change driver to libusb-win32(v1.2.6.0) - Replace Driver.

    From cmd
    Change to OrBlink.exe dir
    Type orblink.exe Blue


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