PC Engines ALIX 6F2 500MHz, 256MB RAM, 2x Net, USB, dual SIM socket

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The ALIX 6F2 (updated version of the 6E2) system board from PC Engines is a small, low power single board computer. The ALIX series is the replacement for the popular WRAP series of boards from PC Engines.

The ALIX boards are popular in the embedded open source market. An excellent choice for a Linux or BSD firewall, router or wireless device.

Popular choices for free open source distributions to run on the ALIX boards include Voyage Linux, OpenWRT, and m0n0wall amongst many others.


  • 500 MHz AMD Geode LX800 CPU
  • 256 MB DDR DRAM
  • CompactFlash socket
  • 1 miniPCI slot, 1 miniPCI Express slot (USB only), LPC bus
  • 2 Ethernet channels (Via VT6105M 10/100)
  • DB9 serial port
  • 2 USB ports
  • 6" x 6" (152.4 x 152.4 mm)
  • tinyBIOS firmware
  • 3-5 watts power consumption
  • Three front panel LEDs, pushbutton
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