Pimoroni Blinkt!

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Blinkt! features eight super-bright RGB LED indicators which are ideal for adding visual notifications to your Raspberry Pi without breaking the bank!

Inspired by Alex Ellis's work with his Raspberry Pi Zero Docker Cluster, Pimoroni have developed these boards for him to use as status indicators. They offer eight APA102 pixels in the smallest (and cheapest) form factor to plug straight into your Raspberry Pi 3/2/B+/A+/Zero.

Each pixel is individually controllable and dimmable allowing you to create gradients, pulsing effects, or just flash them on and off like crazy. The data and clock lines are connected to GPIO #23 and #24 respectively but for simplicity you can just use our Python library to drive them.

Please note! Be careful to plug in your Blinkt! the correct way round, it has curves on the top that match the corners of any Raspberry Pi.

Code and examples available on GitHub: https://github.com/pimoroni/blinkt


  • Eight APA102 RGB LEDs
  • Individually controllable pixels
  • Bright and shiny!
  • Sits directly on top of your Pi in a tiny footprint
  • Fits inside most Pi cases
  • Comes fully assembled
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