SiliconDust TECH4-2DT

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This is the Silicondust TECH4-2DT model designed for commercial use with more technical features than the standard model.

  • Enterprise site-wide multicast streaming.
  • Digital broadcast diagnostics/troubleshooting.
  • Head-end monitoring.
  • Customized commercial applications.
  • 44MHz to 1002MHz tuning range
  • 6MHz Chanel bandwidth

Tech Specs

  • Multicast streaming
  • Constellation plot display
  • Compatible with TS Reader for stream analysis
  • dBmV signal level display
  • dB signal quality (MER) display
  • Configurable TTL
  • Static channel/target/ip configuration
  • Scriptable from Windows, OSX, Linux, *BSD, Solaris
  • Multiple transport streams
  • Hardware PID filtering

Site-wide multicast streaming

Allow unlimited simultaneous computers to access digital TV by streaming multicast RTP digital video from antenna or unencrypted cable. Windows viewing using Windows Media Player or HDHomeRun QuickTV, multi-platform viewing using VLC.

Head-end monitoring

The SiliconDust TECH can be command-line scripted for use with always-on monitoring applications. Command line utility compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, and Solaris.

Digital broadcast diagnostics troubleshooting

The SiliconDust TECH provides RF diagnostics including signal strength, SNR, and constellation plots. For stream diagnostics use the SiliconDust TECH with TSReader for breakdown of bitrates, programs, and tables.

Customized commercial applications

The SiliconDust TECH can be controlled by C library code for a wide range of customized applications.

6 comments on "SiliconDust TECH4-2DT"
  1. Hi, does the basic home unit allow multiple streams to the same channel or do I need to upgrade to this unit to allow more then 1 device to view the same channel at the same.. I'm looking for a product that would allow a few people to share a device where FreeviewHD is not available directly.
  2. Hi Mark,

    You can stream one entire multiplex (so all the channels available on that) with one tuner. There are four multiplex being used in NZ I believe so you would need two units with two tuners each to be able to watch/record all channels at the same time.

  3. Hey there - do you have pricing available for the TECH5-16DT at all?
  4. Hi William,

    Not yet unfortunately, I don't believe it's finished approvals for the area.


  5. Can you add an external IPTV channel via plex via ip address
  6. Hi Dave,

    I'm not sure I follow what you're asking in relation to the HDHomerun tech?


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