Snap-In Panel Mount Cable - USB C Socket to USB A Plug

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This panel mount cable will allow you to enclose a device that has a USB A port, and also converts it to a modern USB C connector at the same time. Perfect for placing your project in a secure box! One end is a USB A plug connector, and other is a USB C socket with special over-molding.

What's special about this, you ask? It's a Snap-In Panel Mount Cable - much easier than a classic panel mount cables, you don't need screws or drills for installation. Cut out a rectangular shape about 21.8mm (0.86") by 10.9mm (0.43"), up to 5mm thick, and then snap the panel in, it will fit snugly and cover up any burrs, so your cut doesn't have to be so precise.

Cable is 30cm long (about 12 inches)

Technical Details

  • Length (excluding connector): approx 30cm / 12"
  • Panel mount bezel dimensions: 28 x 16 x 2.7mm

(Adafruit product 4052)

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