Surface Mount Resistor Kit - 0805 (500pcs)

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This package includes 25 strips of 20 SMD resistors - 0805 size 5% tolerance. It covers the commonly used values of resistors.

Surface mount devices (SMD), resistors are the most widely used electronic component. They're designed to have small metal tabs that could be directly soldered to the surface of the PCB. It makes your design much smaller and compact than through-hole components because it needs fewer holes to be drilled.

Warning:These strips are cut by hand, please forgive us if some strips come with 1 or 2 pieces less. On the plus side, you could get 1 or 2 pieces more :D


  • 620R-12K 5% 0805 resistors
  • 1/10th Watt
  • Size of resistors: 2.0x1.3mm (0.08x0.05 Inches)

Shipping List

  • 620ohm 20 units
  • 680ohm 20 units
  • 750ohm 20 units
  • 820ohm 20 units
  • 1K 20 units
  • 1.2K 20 units
  • 1.5K 20 units
  • 2K 20 units
  • 2.2K 20 units
  • 2.4K 20 units
  • 2.7K 20 units
  • 3K 20 units
  • 3.3K 20 units
  • 3.6K 20 units
  • 3.9K 20 units
  • 4.3K 20 units
  • 4.7K 20 units
  • 5.1K 20 units
  • 5.6K 20 units
  • 6.8K 20 units
  • 7.5K 20 units
  • 8.2K 20 units
  • 9.1K 20 units
  • 10K 20 units
  • 12K 20 units


2 comments on "Surface Mount Resistor Kit - 0805 (500pcs)"
  1. Do you sell quantities of 0805 SMD resistors of one value only rather that mixed kits?
    Thank you
    Harvey Reed
    Reed Electronics.
  2. Hi Harvey,

    We don't sell these currently but can certainly get them in for you if you would like, just drop us a line with what you're after and I can arrange it for you.



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