Teltonika Advanced 3G Real-Time Tracking Terminal with GNSS/GSM/RS485/RS232 - FMU125

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The Teltonika FMU125 is a small and professional real-time IoT tracking terminal with GNSS and 3G/GSM connectivity and backup battery. Device equipped with GNSS/Bluetooth and 3G modules, internal GNSS, 3G antennas. FMU125 features RS485/RS232 data interface, which gives ability to connect various third-party external devices. It is perfectly suitable for applications where location acquirement of remote objects is needed: fleet management, car rental companies, taxi companies, public transport, logistics companies, personal cars, IoT and so on.


  • Product code: FMU125
  • Module Name: Quectel UC15-E/UC15-A/UC15-T or Quectel UG96, Teltonika TM2500
  • Protocol compatible: NMEA, GGA, GGL, GSA, GSV, RMC, VTG
  • Receiver: Tracking: 33/99 acquisition channels
  • Tracking sensitivity: -110 dBM
  • Accuracy: < 3 m
  • Hot start: < 1 s
  • Warm start: < 25 s
  • Cold start: < 35 s
  • Cellular Technology: UMTS/HSPA
  • 2G bands: UC15-E: B8/B3, UC15-A: B5/B8/B3/B2, UC15-T: B5/B8/B3/B2, UG96: B5/B8/B3/B2
  • 3G bands: UC15-E: B8/B1, UC15-A: B5/B2, UC15-T: B5/B1, UG96: B6/B5/B8/B2/B1
  • Data transfer: UC15:HSDPA: Max. 3.6Mbps (DL), UMTS: Max. 384Kbps (DL)/Max.384Kbps (UL), GPRS: Max. 85.6Kbps (DL)/Max. 85.6Kbps (UL)
  • Data transfer: UG96:HSUPA: Max. 5.76Mbps, UMTS: Max. 384Kbps (DL)/Max.384Kbps (UL), GPRS: Max. 107Kbps (DL)/Max.85.6Kbps (UL)
  • Data support: SMS (text/data)
  • Input voltage range: 10 - 30 V DC with overvoltage protection
  • Internal Back-up battery: 170 mAh Li-Ion, 3.7 V battery (0.63 Wh)
  • Bluetooth Specification: 4.0 + LE
  • Supported peripherals: Temperature and Humidity sensor, OBDII dongle, Inateck Barcode Scanner, Universal BLE sensors support
  • Dimensions: 65 x 56,6 x 20,6 mm (L x W x H)
  • Weight: 55 g
  • Operating temperature (without battery): -40 °C to +85 °C
  • Storage temperature (without battery): -40 °C to +85 °C
  • Operating humidity: 5% to 95% non-condensing
  • Ingress Protection Rating: IP41
  • Battery charge temperature: 0 °C to +45 °C
  • Battery discharge temperature: -20 °C to +60 °C
  • Battery storage temperature: -20 °C to +45 °C for 1 month, -20 °C to +35 °C for 6 months
  • Digital Inputs: 1
  • Digital Outputs: 1
  • Analog Inputs: 1
  • CAN Adapter inputs: 1
  • 1-Wire: 1
  • RS232: 1
  • RS485: 1
  • GNSS antenna: Internal High Gain
  • Cellular antenna: Internal High Gain
  • USB: 2.0 Micro-USB
  • LED indication: 2 status LED lights
  • SIM: 2x SIM Card (Dual-SIM)
  • Memory: 128MB internal flash memory
  • Sensors: Accelerometer
  • Scenarios: Green Driving, Over Speeding detection, Jamming detection, GNSS Fuel Counter, DOUT Control Via Call, Excessive Idling detection, Immobilizer, iButton Read Notification, Unplug detection, Towing detection, Crash detection, Auto Geofence, Manual Geofence, Trip
  • Sleep modes: GPS Sleep, Online Deep Sleep, Deep Sleep, Ultra Deep Sleep
  • Configuration and firmware update: FOTA Web, FOTA, Teltonika Configurator (USB, Bluetooth), FMBT mobile application (Configuration)
  • SMS: Configuration, Events, DOUT control, Debug
  • GPRS commands: Configuration, DOUT control, Debug
  • Time Synchronization: GNSS, NITZ, NTP
  • Fuel monitoring: LLS (Analog), Digital LLS (RS232), LV-CAN200, ALL-CAN300, CAN-CONTROL, ODBII dongle
  • Ignition detection: Digital Input 1, Accelerometer, External Power Voltage, Engine RPM (CAN Adapters, OBDII dongle)
  • RS232 Modes: Log Mode, NMEA, LLS, LCD, RFID HID/MF7, Garmin FMI, TCP ASCII/Binary
  • RS485 Modes: Log Mode, NMEA, LLS, TCP ASCII/Binary

Package Contents Includes:

  • Input/output power supply cable (0.9 m), micro USB-USB cable (0.8 m)


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