Vacuum Pump - 12V Really sucks

$26.00 Inc. GST

This vacuum pump really sucks! This pump operates at 12V and has enough suction for most small projects. We even used one to make our very own universal gripper using coffee grounds, balloon and some other parts.


  • 12V motor
  • 12W operation
  • 1/4" barbs
  • 0-16" Hg vacuum range


(SparkFun product ROB-10398)

11 comments on "Vacuum Pump - 12V"
  1. can you please advise details of the venting of this unit?
    also aspiration tubing size.. many thanks
    john Beaumont 027 2406058
  2. Hi John,

    Both sides are barbed for 1/4" tubing.


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  6. What power's the unit? (e.g. battery - if so what type). Would this be suitable for use with a bell and jar vacuum unit in a school?
  7. Hi Ruth,

    These are 12V so any 12 volt supply will be fine.


  8. Hi I'm looking for a 12 vote vacuum pump to go on my car.
    For the brakes .Do you have anything in this line

    Cheers Neil
  9. Hi,

    This is the only vacuum pump we've got currently.


  10. Hi There,

    I'm trying to make a vacuum tumbler for marinading meat. would this work to remove the air from say a 4000ml container?

  11. Hi Mike,

    It would work but it's not designed to pull a realy high vacuum or have a lot of capacity as you can see from the listing.



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