Veyron 2x25A Brushed DC Motor Driver

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The high-quality, heavy-duty Veyron 2x25A Brushed DC Motor Driver contains 3 intelligent interface modes: Analog, PPM and UART mode. It also has premium features like under-voltage protection, over-voltage protection, under-current protection, over-current protection, over-heating protection, short circuit protection and reverse voltage protection. In addtion to its industrial level functions, Veyron 2x25A Brushed DC Motor Driver is also easy to use: users can switch between tnterfaces, open/closed loop system auto recognition, PID parameter self-tuning, etc. with just one button. We developed "Veyron" series to be a better choice for you when choosing from high performance motor drivers: whether for poduct research and development, scientific research, education, or prototyping, "Veyron" series can always get the job done.


  • Closed-loop Speed Control with self-tuning PID algorithm
  • One Key Switch: Switch between Analog, PPM and UART mode with open loop/closed loop speed control.
  • Multiple-Parameter Setting: such as PPM time length, UART baud rate, unidirectional rotation, maximum current setting, plus/minus speed settings, etc.
  • Light Indicator for Status/fault Diagnosis
  • Intelligent Motor Protection: Reverse protection, custom under-voltage over-voltage protection, over-current protection, over temperature protection, effective signal monitoring, etc.
  • Built-in PID Speed Control
  • Set ID for Parallel Control
  • Zero Signal Monitoring
  • Synchronous Asynchronous Speed Setting
  • Fan Control Interface Available


  • 4WDs, Self-balancing Robots, RoboWar, Field Robots
  • High Power Motors such as Conveyor Belts, Water Pumps
  • Frequent Change in Motor Speed and Directions
  • LED Strip, Fan Controlling


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  • Veyron 2x25A Brushed DC Motor Driver x1
  • Cables x1
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