12V Solenoid Valve - 3/4" Automated garden watering?

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Have you ever wanted to control the flow of a liquid using your computer or microcontroller, but didn't know how? Well, here's how: The 12V solenoid controlled fluid valve. Simply connect a fluid source to the 3/4" threaded inlet and it will interrupt the flow until 12V is applied to the fast-on connectors on the solenoid.

We (nicegear) did a test fit on these and they will work fine on a standard NZ garden hose fitting.

Note: This is not a gravity-feed solenoid. This means that you will need enough water pressure to fully open the valve. Check the datasheet below for exact details. It operates at a minimum of around 3 PSI, allowing around 3 L/min of flow. Although the datasheet shows the valve working at 220 VAC, it's actually 12 VDC. Our 350 GPH pump does not have enough pressure for this valve. A garden hose or other pressurized system should work just fine.


(SparkFun product ROB-10456)

29 comments on "12V Solenoid Valve - 3/4""
  1. Hi! I paid $ 60 for 4pc 12V Solenoid Valve - 3 / 4 "why are not the product arrived in Norway?.
    Regards. Alf Andersen 4741 Byglandsfjord Nirway
    E.mail alfande@broadpark.no
  2. Hi Alf,

    We cancelled your order and refunded the credit card used as we don't ship outside New Zealand.

  3. Hi. Will this solenoid valve work on 24V? (or vice versa, will the relay work with 12V output)
    I would like to interface it with the solid state relay: https://nicegear.co.nz/electronics-gear/solid-state-relay-ssr/

  4. Hi George,

    I believe they will work at 24V but we haven't tested that here. You want the DC SSR;


    Which certainly works fine at 12V so you can use that and this solenoid valve together fine - we've done it before many times.

  5. Wait, ignore that post - found the solution! :)

  6. Hi there, do you know if these are latching or not? Also, what is the current draw on these (preferably inrush + steady state)?


  7. Hi Glen,

    These ones are non-latching. Continuous current is around 300mA @ 12V, I don't have any inrush data right now.


  8. Hi Hadley,

    You mention 300mA as the continuous current - is that from a measurement? Spec sheet says the coil should have 4.75 +- 0.25 kOhm resistance, which would imply 2.7mA of current at 12v - 100 times less. At 300mA it would be using 3.6W of power, compared to only 32mW for the coil resistance on the spec sheet.


  9. Hi Tim,

    Yes I measured it here on my bench supply. I've just done it again and this one was 320mA @ 12V and 630mA @ 24V


  10. Hi,
    The spec sheet states 1/2"BSP inlet and 12mm outlet for the AQT15SP, but your product description states 3/4" threaded inlet, which is it?

  11. 3/4"
  12. I'm looking at this valve to initiate the launch of a foam rocket by opening suddenly against air pressure. Like the ones you can buy where you stomp your foot on a bladder but slightly more advanced. How quickly does the valve open as this is obviously key?

  13. I'm looking at this valve to initiate the launch of a foam rocket by opening suddenly against air pressure. Like the ones you can buy where you stomp your foot on a bladder but slightly more advanced. How quickly does the valve open as this is obviously key?

  14. Hi Andrew,

    Unfortunately we don't have that specification available, you'll need to test it yourself.


  15. Hi there, I need this valve for a project. Do you sell adapter AC/DC that works with it or Where I can buy it? Thanks!
  16. Hi Alan,

    Yes we do, any 12V power adapter will work;



  17. Hi, What is the maximum pressure this can operate under?
    I am looking to use a 120 psi pump and want to know if this will ok with this unit.

  18. Hi,

    The datasheet (linked above) doesn't list a maximum but says 0.8Mpa > 35 L/min


  19. Hi Hads

    Can you please advise if any of the liquid comes into contact with the return spring and actuation plunger? If I order and and find unsuitable, can I return?


  20. Hi Neil,

    I'm not sure, I doubt it does though. Typically we don't do sale or return as we don't sell anything that's not new.


  21. Hi there, would you happen to have a simple electronic timer that outputs 12V so that you can control this solenoid?. Preferably one with components you solder yourself. its for a school project. Thanks!.
  22. Pending moderation
  23. Hi Raj,

    We don't have anything pre-built but you could make something with an Arduino and a shield:



  24. thanks Hadley. Will order both.
    Are you out of stock for the relay shield?. Raj
  25. Yes Seeed have been making changes to their website and distributors haven't been able to order for a couple months. Should have stock in around 2-3 weeks.
  26. Hi,

    I would like to ask about the 12V Solenoid Valve - 3/4" which I want to use for my garden. I have previous had something similar but it no longer works. How do you connect this to the electricity? On my old version there were wires that came out of it and I connected them to a transistor plug that I pluged into a timer. How would you do that with this version? Would it be safe around water??
  27. Hi Jess,

    You can see the 12V terminals in the picture - the two metal tabs. 12V is safe around water.


  28. The solenoid valve works perfectly. I didn't have a 12 V adapter but used a 9v and works perfectly on my mist bed. Purchasing another as a back up.
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