microSD Card - 32GB Ultra High Speed

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A 32GB microSD card. We usually stock A-Data, Kingston or Transcend but it may be another quality brand due to various suppliers.

We only stock high speed cards with a minimum of "Class 10" rating which are great for use with the Raspberry Pi and BeagleBone, or just fine for standard use in cameras, phones and media players.

  • Increased speed, no increase in cost
  • Extremely cold-resistant, heat-resistant and impervious to x-rays
  • Wide Range of Capacities
  • Speed Class10
  • UHS Speed Class 1
  • Random Read/Write: 1400/100IOPs
  • Sequential reads up to 30 MB/second
7 comments on "microSD Card - 32GB"
  1. Is this 16GB or 32GB? Title and text are mismatched.
  2. Hi David,

    Good catch, it is 32GB and I've updated it now.


  3. I had issues with the AData 32GB card I just bought from you guys - after the Raspberry Pi resizes or tries to write anything to the card you get 0x900 errors and cant boot off the card. I tried many times, in the end had to splash out for a Sandisk 32GB which works fine. Other people have reported similar issues online.
  4. Hi Lucas,

    Sorry to hear you've had trouble. We've sold loads of these cards for people to use with a Pi without any troubles. Does your card work okay in other devices? From the looks of bugs like these;


    It looks like there may be some Pi software related issues with cards from various manufacturers.


  5. Thanks Hadley

    I wasn't using NOOBS, I formatted on a Mac and used dd to copy the latest raspbian image onto the card. The errors I was getting only happened after the first boot when the Pi resizes the partition and is updated. My Mac says the card is fine, so it might be a software incompatibility with that particular card :)
  6. I've had this problem with Raspbian too, but it appears to have been resolved in later updates to the OS. My solution appears to have been:

    # apt-get update
    # apt-get upgrade
    # rpi-update
  7. Hi David,

    Thanks very much for posting that, I appreciate you letting us know.



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