PC Engines Case for APU & ALIX 2D3

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Aluminum Enclosure designed for the PC Engines APU and ALIX 2C3/2D3/2D13 boards. 3 LED cutouts and reset in the front. Cutouts for 3 LAN, DC jack, antennas, USB and DB9 serial in the back.

This is a new revision of the PC Engines case with the following new features;

  • Countersunk screws for the top cover, prethreaded base.
  • More antenna holes
  • Optional wall mount bracket
  • Front is part of the top cover, i.e. no need to disassemble everything to change the CF card.
  • Please note that this enclosure is a bit wider and taller than case1c* to accomodate the added antenna holes.

Aluminum extrusion construction, 1.5mm Aluminium end plates, includes 4 screw and rubber feet. Measures 158 mm wide x 155 mm deep x 28 mm high.

Please note that depending on what stock PC Engines has available the color may vary between silver, red, blue, and black. If you want a specific color drop us a line beforehand.

10 comments on "PC Engines Case for APU & ALIX 2D3"
  1. Very basic case. This case does it's small, compact job well, but offers no extensions or options or extras.

    As the comments say, if you add an internal minipci wireless card, you need to drill a hole in this case for the aerial.

    There is no opening for the compact flash card. If you need to swap the CF, you have to open the case and remove the motherboard, or boot system rescue CD in serial console, nbd mode and rewrite the CF.

    There is no room or power inside this case for an IDE drive, you can't just add one in, and there is no way to get the ribbon cable out easily. There is also no provision for cooling. If you intend to add a spinning hard drive, get a different case.

    Tolerance to the edge of the board in this case is very tight, only 1 to 2 mm.

    The case side screws are self-tapping type, not pre-threaded, not machine screws. This could cause some tapping metal shards to fall inside the case the first time. Make sure you test fit the screws with the case empty, then clean up the holes prior to fitting the board.

    There are no mounting provisions on this case. There is nothing to screw to or around or through to mount the case anywhere, such as the back of the monitor, under a desk or on a wall. The tight tollerances and light gauge on the base means screwing into it is not feasable, leaving only cable ties as a mounting option.

    There is no branding or marking on this case whatsoever. You need to consider how to label it so users know which port is which, what it is, and who to call when it breaks down.
  2. Hi David,

    Thanks for your detailed notes, very useful for people to have.

    We've looked at sourcing alternate cases in the past but at twice the price many people weren't interested so we've just stuck with these simple ones from PC Engines for the moment.


  3. We're now stocking an updated case which has factory antenna cut-outs as well as much easier access to the CF card.
  4. Hello , querying what color ranges do you have for this product please.

    Re: PC Engines Case for APU & ALIX 2D3


  5. Hello , querying what color ranges do you have for this product please.

    Re: PC Engines Case for APU & ALIX 2D3


  6. Hi Rhys,

    We usually stock black. We do have a couple blue currently and there is some red on the way which should be here in around a week.


  7. Can you confirm if this is compatible with the 2c4? Or am I looking in the wrong place?
  8. Hi Josh,

    Yes this will work for the APU boards including the 2c4

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