USB C Jack to USB A Jack Round Panel Mount Adapter

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If you need to add a panel-mount connection for USB C, but don't have the time or tools to cut a custom oval or square hole, this Round Panel Mount Plug is the easiest and fastest way to panel-ify your project. It's about 30mm in diameter, so you can drill a hole in your wood, plastic or metal with a common hole-saw or bit, no special shapes or filing required. Un-screw the plastic nut, insert the plug and re-attach. Ta-da! Now you have a USB C jack to a USB A jack adapter!

On the 'outer' side is a USB C connection. On the inside is a USB A host connection. So this is good for when your device doesn't need more than USB 2.0 speeds, and you want to use a flexible USB-to-micro-B cable for the inner connection but expose a USB C port. In particular, this version is best for use with USB host devices. If you have a USB client device, a USB C to Micro B panel mount adapter is available.

It's designed to easily attach to a panel up to 16mm thick (or 0.625"), or as thin as a few mm. Perfect for adding a USB C port to your project enclosure! We like this plug in particular for its solid body and 'forgiving' plastic lip that hides the drill hole.

Technical Details
  • Overall length: approx 41mm
  • Diameter: 30mm

(Adafruit product 4259)

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